Celestial bodies push and pull their spans within proximities irrespective of each other, coursing interminable paths to become lost in the impact of their impressions. I wonder for how long their cosmic traces last before diffusing into oblivion. These invisible forces oscillate between dimensions of existence to meet but never actually touch, in a dimmed […]

These were people who, even when they were having sex, were observing themselves having sex, because they were so interested in their reactions to each other. Intensely interrogative, a deeply penetrative curiosity turns every touching point of their bodies into the form of a question. Waiting in the friction between their skin, struck by the […]

As evidenced by their names, the union of Danny and Franny was destined from the moment they met. Dan–as he was called back then–was on his way to a party when he stopped at a drug store to meet his friends. While Fran–as she was called back then–had been brought along by a mutual acquaintance. […]

His sexual orientation was a source of unending speculation, until I began to notice his smile. In a word, it was tentative. Never revealing bottom and top teeth simultaneously, it was less of a smile, and more accurately, as I began to imagine, a kind of muscle-memory-bound habit. Resulting from a self-conscious adolescence spent concealing […]

Feeling bored, I decide to take up casual conversation with the only other person in the room—Donn—before realizing it is in fact my only hope of ever knowing what compelled the use of that second n. Donn is sitting across from me; his portly body is planted firmly in the crevice between beige suede couch […]

I can’t remember when exactly it started being called the yellow room, and I don’t remember what it was ever called before then. Before, before then, the room was identified by its occupant, belonging to my sister, Alisha. Alisha’s room, it was called. Back then, what little wall did manage to remain visible was negative […]

Among those not living in New York, the most common criticism I hear about those living in New York is that they believe there is nothing outside of New York. As someone from outside New York but now living in New York, I’ve come to see to the contrary that the people of New York […]