9.26.12 [on the L ] As the subway forces its sinuous course through the darkness of the underground, grips tighten, joints lock, and muscles tense in defense of unpredictable swerves, with every turn a thrust that jerks to either side . You feel like you’re being fucked. And in a lot of ways you are. […]

My recreational writing, most often taking the form of narrative non-fiction, usually begins on post-it notes that I carry with me at all times. It’s true. New York, New York composed within a month of my move to New York Homo-evolution The Yellow Room  Casting Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime From Above

Founded in 2007, Resource Magazine is a digital and published photography and video quarterly. Besides the standard tips and tricks and industry how-to’s, Resource offers in-depth interviews, photo-essays, and profiles to inspire as much as it  informs. Published Editorials Advertorial Meet liveBooks Jay Goodrich for Livebooks Serge Timacheff for Dataport Branding Meet Resource Magazine’s Editors […]

Global Arts Laid-Out Magazine is an independent, online weekly magazine featuring in-depth profiles and features on artists, musicians, and culture, while also offering the latest news in technology, business, travel, and fashion. Chaos to Couture at the Met Sherry Karver at Kim Foster Gallery The Brooklyn Artists Ball Artist of the Week: Lalage Snow Artist […]